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How to Make a Funeral Memorial Program – Template

Funeral memorial programs are a great way to pay tribute to a loved one by providing a lasting keepsake. Funeral memorial programs should include a cover, a funeral order of service, obituary, and a choice of a poem or prayer on the back. We’ll go through what’s in a memorial service program and give you some ideas for a memorial program.

The cover of the funeral program should include the picture of the loved one along with the name and birth-death date.
Below is a free funeral program template sample you may download and use with Microsoft Word. You may use it to outline your own template or get creative and edit it to your preferences.

Memorial Program Example

What is in a funeral order of service program/card?

Inside the program, you will need to list the order of events that will be taking place at the funeral memorial service. If you need an example memorial program to go by, you may download a sample funeral memorial program.

What else is in an obituary memorial card?

The obituary memorial includes but is not limited to:

  • the deceased love one’s birthplace
  • place of death
  • surviving family and information
  • predeceased relatives
  • hobbies
  • life achievements
  • achievements/awards
  • scripture verse
  • details of funeral service

Below is an example of what the typical format of an obituary program template looks like.

Obituary for memorial program

Now you should have somewhat of an idea of what’s included in a funeral memorial program. If you want to save time and download a professionally-made printable¬†funeral memorial program template, you may choose from a variety of themes by paying a visit to Funeral Pamphlets.

For further insight on how to prepare and write an obituary for a funeral memorial program take a moment to look at this video


Ideas for a Funeral Memorial Program