Memorial Bulletins for Funerals

Memorial bulletins are essentially programs to help those in attendance know exactly who has passed on, their important information, and how the services will proceed after it has begun.


The front cover of the program usually consists of a photo of the person who is being honored.  Many people also include their dates of birth and death, their full name, and may include a caption such as “In Memoriam” or “In Loving Memory”.  These programs are usually quite formal, so the captions may be written in cursive or script writing.

The inside of the funeral program booklet will often include the person’s full name, date of birth, date of death, hometown, where they lived upon their death, and may include a listing of their family members.  The information should also include the locations of the memorial services and graveside services, as well as dates and times.  You can also choose to list the location if they are not in the same place.  This will also include the name of the person who will be officiating.


The order of service will also be included in the funeral pamphlet.  This area is provided so that those in attendance know the order of the services, as well as the names of those involved.  You should include a listing of any introductions, prayers, music, or speakers in the order that they will appear.  If you wish for those in attendance to sing along with any of the hymns or songs, you need to include a full list of the lyrics, or where they may be found in any hymnals or Bibles that may be available.  It is also important to include the full name of anyone who is speaking or leading the prayers or singing.  When listing these people, you should also include their relationship to the deceased.  You will also want to include how the services will end, whether you choose to use a musical recessional, or simply say a prayer in closing.

Many people also choose to include the person’s full obituary in the memorial service program.  You can also choose one of your favorite comforting verses, poems, or song lyrics that you feel give tribute to your loved one.  You may also choose to include a special message of thanks on the back of the pamphlet, or you can include any organization where you would like donations to be made.

Creating your own funeral order of service can be time consuming.  If you would rather not create your own, you can choose to use one of the many pamphlets available online at  These order of service templates allow you to choose your own styles and themes, and include all of the information you would like to include.  You can choose what you like, then simply purchase them and print them off on your own.  This is a great way of creating your own unique memorial booklets that truly reflect your loved one’s life, without having to overwhelm yourself in an already trying time.

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