Cremation vs Burial: The Pros and Cons

Cremation and burial are the two options that you can choose from when putting your deceased loved one to rest. Many people are often confused on which to choose between the two due to various reasons. Religious families opt for a burial as they see cremation as a sin while others opt for cremation due to financial reasons and convenience. But because there is no conclusion or discussion in the Bible whether cremation is truly a sin, many people are still confused on which one to choose. Because of this, many people base their decisions on other factors.

Families sometimes base their decision on whether they are burying or cremating their love one on their circumstances. Money plays a big role in these decisions because the passing away of a loved one is almost always sudden. Because of this, families often have no money to avail of services for funerals, burial and so on.

But if you still want to know which one is better not only for your deceased loved one but also for you and your family, here are the pros and cons of both procedures. These will help you make your decisions when time comes.

Pros and Cons of Burial and Cremation


Burial is the procedure before cremation was accepted by the public and most religious organizations. Some burials include burial services where mourners will be present at the burial, which will be held at the cemetery and would often end at a certain meeting place where food and beverages are served, hosted by the family of the deceased.

Some families also include memorial services before a burial so that they can celebrate the life of their deceased loved one. Thus, funeral order of service cards and other things are sent to relatives and friends.

  • Pros

The pros of a burial are the acceptance of most people and religions and the closure that it gives to the surviving family. It is also deemed to show respect for the deceased as the body of the departed is buried in a decorative casket to decompose the natural way.

  • Cons

The disadvantages of a burial, however, are its price and procedures. Burials can cost about $7,000, the cheapest at about a little below $3,000, which is quite expensive. There can also be additional expenses for additional services such as memorial services or ‘life celebration’ services that can also cost thousands of dollars.


  • Pros

The advantages of cremation, on the other hand, are convenience and price. Cremation only costs a little over $1,000 and can be cheaper. Also, it is quite convenient as there are no more caskets and other things to be bought and rented when a deceased is cremated. Although memorial services can still be done to celebrate the life of the departed.

This is also more convenient as the body is burned in a furnace and put in a box or jar especially made for ashes of the deceased.

  • Cons

The disadvantages of this process, however, is the there is often no closure for families doing this. Also, cremation is considered as a sin by some religious groups, therefore, it is considered as disrespectful not only to the deceased but also to the God of the departed and the surviving family.

Regardless of which service you get, what is important is that you can get to celebrate the life of your loved one. You can set a funeral service or memorial service for them. But if you still want to save money, you can get funeral order of service cards for free to reduce the expenses. It would be ideal to send online funeral programs as well so that you don’t have to send them by mail. There are free online funeral programs that you can find online to make things easier and less expensive for you.

When looking for funeral order of service cards, make sure that you choose editable funeral order of service cards so that you can personalize them. You can send them out after printing or have online funeral programs sent via email. You may also choose for the team of professionals at Funeral Pamphlets to customize the funeral or memorial cards for you and have it delivered very the same day.

Also, it would be ideal if you would have funeral order of service cards handed out during the services so that everyone can have a memento of the service, which is the celebration of the life of your loved one. Send online funeral programs to those who were not able to attend also so that they can have a remembrance of the event, even if they weren’t able to attend the service.

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