How to Plan a Memorial with the Help of Friends and Relatives Overseas

Planning a memorial should not be done alone. This is a time of deep sadness and grief so it is best that you do most of the things with your family and friends. Even if your loved ones live overseas, planning a memorial together is possible. Thus, even if you are living apart from your loved ones, you can still manage to do everything together, which will not only make things easier but will also ease some of the pain and sadness that all of you are feeling.

Planning a Memorial with Your Loved Ones

Here are some tips on how you can plan a memorial with your friends and relatives even when you are living very far from each other.

Use the Internet

The Internet is the most efficient means that you can use to communicate with your loved ones when planning for a memorial. Make sure that you set a date and time when you can talk with all or most of your loved ones so that you can discuss everything that needs to be done for the memorial.

Skype is a great way to talk with your loved ones abroad. You can either chat or talk with them through calls and video calls so that you can discuss the memorial program guidelines you need to follow to be able to set an organized memorial service.

  • Email

Using email is also another great way to communicate with your loved ones overseas. You can set the funeral schedule and everything for the memorial service by exchanging emails and files that you need to use for the memorial preparations.

Follow Memorial Program Guidelines

Aside from communicating with each other through Skype and emails, you can also use online memorial program guidelines to prepare the funeral. You can send your loved ones the link to online funeral program guideline sites so that they can all see what you should do. This way, you can all agree on what should be done next and the choices that you have to make for the preparations such as the creation of customized funeral cards.

You can print the guidelines to make it easier for you to read them. This will also enable you to take them along with you wherever you would need to go. Thus, when you need to go out to get or do something for the memorial service, you can check your list and see if everything is done appropriately.

Because these cards are some of the most important things that you need to address immediately, you need to talk about it as soon as you know the things that you should do for the memorial service.

  • Do Not Forget the Guidelines

When deciding on the customized funeral cards, make sure that you follow the memorial program guidelines so that you will know how you can create or order these cards. There are a lot of sample customized funeral cards that you will find online; use them. Send the samples to your loved ones overseas so that they can give their opinion and suggestions for the cards. Make sure that you agree with the printable cards and have them made as soon as possible so that you can send them to everyone you wish to know about the passing away of your loved one and you can move on to the next tasks that you need to accomplish.

This also goes for everything that you are going to prepare and arrange for the memorial service.

  • Check Your List

After completing a task, check them off on your printed memorial program guidelines. This way, you will know which ones you need to accomplish next. You can send a copy of your guidelines to your loved ones overseas so that they will know which ones they should focus on and research on next.

This will not only help you get through things faster and easier but will also avoid confusion and doing things that are already done all over again.

When planning for a memorial with family and friends overseas, make sure that you try to understand everyone and keep your calm. Be thankful of their help and try to understand when they get frustrated at times especially if they will not be able to go to the funeral personally, which will surely make them feel sad all the more.


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