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What to Write on Funeral Program Cards

When a loved one passes away, you would have to make arrangements for a lot of things, and that includes a remembrance card. It can be used as a funeral program announcement card or a remembrance brochure that family and friends can use to remember the departed. Thus, you have to think of proper things to include on funeral program cards. Putting content on a funeral card may sound easy at first but when the time comes that you are in grief due to the passing of your loved one, you will find that it will be hard to think about these things.

But knowing what to write or include on funeral program leaflets beforehand will enable you to know which ones you should include on these kinds of cards.

Things to Include on Funeral Cards

Here are some of the things that are often included in these kinds of cards:

  • Prayers

Prayers are often included in funeral cards. It is up to you whether you will put your own prayer or you will copy prayers that you can find online or on books. There are prayers on websites that sell downloadable and editable funeral program cards. These copies of prayers are often for free so you do not have to worry about purchasing them.

  • Poems

Just like prayers, you can find remembrance poems on websites that offer printable remembrance cards. Look for poems that match the personality of your departed loved one to make the cards more personal.

You may want to read a lot of poems before you decide which one to include so that you will find the one that suits your loved one’s personality best.

  • Personal Messages

You can also include personal messages on funeral program cards if you like. These messages may not be too personal but they can be dedications and a word of thanks to the person that has passed away. Putting these kinds of things will alleviate some of the pain that you and your family and friends are feeling since you are able to express your love and appreciation to the departed.

  • Memories

Aside from prayers and poems, you can also include some of the happiest memories that the people close to the departed have shared. Vacations or parties can be included. Photos of those events can be put along with the details to make it easier for the surviving loved ones to remember how wonderful the departed’s life was.

Creating funeral program cards need not be sorrowful. Funerals and memorials are made to celebrate the life of the departed. So, the cards dedicated for this event should be full of the happy memories of the person you are celebrating for. Your departed loved one will be happier knowing that you are celebrating his or her life instead of being buried in grief and sadness that will make you all sorrowful.

Make sure to include happy details without being inappropriate so that you can pay respects and appreciation to your loved one.

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Putting Your Genealogy on Death Memorial Pamphlets

Some prefer putting genealogy on death memorial pamphlets. But these family trees are often just a few levels deep and only include some of the close relatives since a full-sized family tree wouldn’t fit into a small funeral card. Though the family tree is not really complete and is just a few levels deep, it is also ideal to put a genealogy on the funeral keepsake template that you are making so that you can include a bit of the history of your family.

Putting a Family Tree on a Memorial Card

Hiring a professional in digging into your family history will be a nice idea. This will enable you to create a more accurate genealogy even though you are only including only a few levels of the family tree on the pamphlets.

Here are some tips on how you can put a small family tree on a memorial card that you are making for your deceased loved one’s death memorial pamphlets:

  • Consider the Size of the  Pamphlet

One of the first things that you need to consider when making a family tree for a memorial card is the size of the card itself. This will enable you to determine how deep the family tree should be. If you have enough space, you can create a deeper family tree. But if you can only put it in a small space, you can include some of the close relatives, especially the surviving ones.

  • Size of the Family Tree

After determining the size of the printable death memorial pamphlets that you are creating, you can now determine the size of the family tree that you will put in it. It would be ideal to make the tree as simple as possible. Make the font of the names of the family members easy to read and not too elaborate so that anyone can read it even if the fonts are a bit small.

  • Design of the Tree

Some people put tree images on the editable funeral keepsake cards that they are making while some just make a diagram showing the relations and generations in the family. It is up to you what type of family tree you are going for. Just make sure that the names of your family members will still be visible and legible when printed out.

  • Have a Test Print

Making a test print after creating the family tree will ensure that the whole batch of the death memorial pamphlets are legible and will not look too elaborate for the eyes. This will also help you determine whether the colors that you used will be compatible with the overall color scheme of the funeral keepsake template.

Creating and putting a family tree on a memorial card is a nice idea to let distant relatives and friends know the relation of the deceased to every family member that is attending the funeral or memorial service. It will prevent confusion particularly to distant relatives who are not quite familiar with the deceased or the other relatives that have attended the services.

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