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Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold Remembrance Program Cards

There are different types of remembrance program cards. Depending on the things that you will put on the cards, you will have to choose a specific kind so that all the contents of the leaflet will be accommodated.

There are often two kinds of remembrance cards that people use: the bi-fold and the tri-fold cards. These types of cards offer different advantages. Thus, it would be ideal to know which one offers the benefits that you need so that you can choose which one would be the best type to use for the memorial card that you are making.

trifold funeral remembrance cards

Advantages of Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold Remembrance Brochures

Here are the two types of remembrance program templates and their advantages.

  • Bi-Fold Memorial Pamphlets

Bi-fold remembrance brochures are folded in two, hence the name. These are often the size of a greeting card. But, the size may be adjusted to fit the preference and the needs of the one creating the cards.

remembrance card template

Listed below are some of the advantages that you will receive by using this kind of funeral leaflet.

  • Larger Font

If you are using a bi-fold brochure, you can adjust the font to make them larger. Because the width of the brochure will likely be wider, you will be able to put larger fonts without cutting off the words in two. This is good especially of you have a lot of elderly people attending the memorial or funeral services.

  • Larger Image

Another advantage of using bi-fold printable remembrance program cards is that you can use larger images. Because the images will be accommodated by the size of the card, you do not have to shrink the images just to make them fit into the cards.

  • Tri-Fold Memorial Pamphlets

Another popular kind of remembrance program templates that are downloaded from online shops and funeral sites are tri-fold templates. Depending on the size of the tri-fold card, you will be able to get additional benefits from it.

  • More Content

When you use a tri-fold template, you will be able to put more content on the cards. There will be more space for the prayers, quotes, message, information about the deceased and his or her family and the photos of the deceased.

  • More Panels

Using a tri-fold template will enable you to arrange the contents of the remembrance program card that you are creating. Because there will be space for each kind of content that you will be putting on the cards, such as the information of the deceased and his or her family, prayers and quotes, the contents will be more organized and easier to read.

The only disadvantage that you will likely encounter with this kind of brochure is that the space for the images may be smaller compared to bi-fold brochures. Nonetheless, you can rid of this issue if you use a bigger paper.

When editing remembrance program templates, remember to consider the content that you are putting on the leaflets. This will enable you to choose the right type of card that can accommodate all the content that you would want to put into the brochures.

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