How to Make a Funeral Programme Using MS Word

Creating a funeral programme template is not easy not because it is complicated to do but because you are currently grieving while creating it. Thankfully, there are programs that will enable you to make a funeral leaflet easily. This will alleviate some of the burden that you are feeling, which will enable you to organize a funeral service that will truly show how much you appreciate the life of your deceased loved one.

Making a Funeral Program Card

MS Word or Microsoft Word is one of simplest word processors or editors that you can use to create funeral brochures. There are multiple templates readily available on MS Word that you can use as a guide in creating these brochures. This will enable you to save time and energy in making the brochures, which will enable you to have them printed and delivered to their respective recipients well before the scheduled funeral service.

  • Use a Template

The easiest way to create a funeral programme is by using a template. You can use the templates readily available on MS Word. You just have to open MS Word, click on ‘File’ then hit the ‘New’ option or icon. The icon looks like a blank sheet of paper with a slight fold on the upper right corner of the paper.

A pop-up window will appear. This contains the templates. You only have to choose one. You can choose from the different categories, which are listed at the left side of the pop-up window. You can either choose ‘Brochures’, ‘Flyers’ or ‘Cards’. Then, choose the kind of template that you like.

Input the needed details and photo by clicking on the form or space provided for the content and adjust the content according to your liking. Save the files and print them on your own printer or have it printed on a nearby printing shop.

  • Download Templates
memorial card templates for microsoft word

If you want something specific, you can also choose downloadable funeral program templates online at websites such as You just need to make sure that the files that you will download are compatible with MS Word. This will enable you to edit these printable templates without any problems.

Although there are editable funeral programme templates online that are also compatible with other editors, it would be best to choose downloadable funeral program templates that are compatible with MS Word. Because this is one of the easiest programs to use, this is the most preferred one. you will have minimal or no problems when you use this program as this is very easy to use and printing the templates will never be a problem since it is quite compatible with any kind of printer used in homes and offices.

When looking for printable funeral program templates, make sure that you check out the free ones. This will save you more money. But if you want to have more choices, feel free to check out the premium ones. This will enable you to choose the one that you think best fits your deceased loved one’s personality.

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