How To: DIY Funeral Program Templates

Do it yourself funeral program templates help to make life a little bit easier by helping people to create a funeral program without a lot of stress. There are templates that come with a fee and they are the ones that have more elaborate designs and can be personalized according to your needs. It is a good idea to choose the template that matches well with the personality of the deceased. The program should serve as a commemorative piece to honor the deceased person so it is just right that we make it as great as possible.

We all know that death is something that we all have to deal with sooner or later. It is inevitable and is part of our existence in this world. Yet, when the time comes that our loved ones will have to say goodbye, dealing with the loss is not that easy. It is very depressing and involves a lot of emotions and difficulties. But we have to move on and the best thing that we can do is to prepare for a memorable memorial service for the deceased which is our way of showing our devotion and to honor the death of our loved one.

We should begin by preparing a funeral program. The process may not be that easy, but with the help of the templates, everything should be a breeze. Below are tips on how to come up with a great funeral program with the use of the DIY funeral program templates online.

Gather Design Ideas and Inspirations Online

Before you begin, it is best to search the Internet for inspiration on the design and theme of the funeral program. There are several different types of funeral programs that you can find these days. You can go for a simple rectangular or square shaped program or perhaps, a folded card design or the tri-fold card style.

Whatever design you want, always think about the things or the elements that you want to be included on the card. If you want to fill it with so much information, then you need to have a bigger size for the program. Decide on the dimensions according to the amount of information that you plan to include on the card. There are lots of resources online that you can use to gather design ideas and inspirations for the funeral program, so take advantage of these before you start creating and designing the funeral or memorial program.

Think of the Information to Include on the Program

As mentioned, the dimensions of the pamphlet or the booklet for the program will be based on the amount of information that you want to include. Some of the most important details that will have to be included on the program are the following:

  • Full name of the deceased including the maiden name.
  • Exact date of birth and death.
  • Place, time and date of the funeral service and the burial.
  • Complete names of the surviving family members.
  • Name of the pallbearers and officiating minister.
  • Name of those who are assigned to deliver a eulogy.
  • Name of the songs to be played during the service.
  • Bible verses and references.

Aside from the details above, other things that may be included on the program are:

  • Photos of the deceased on various stages of his or her life.
  • Short biography.
  • List of his or her favorite poems, movies, songs, etc.
  • Favorite anecdotes of the deceased.
  • Sentiments of gratitude coming from friends and family members.

Look for a Free Template for DIY Funeral Programs

Once you have already set an idea in mind on the design and the theme of the program, the next step is to look for do it yourself funeral program templates online. As mentioned above, there are lots of websites now that offer free templates which you can use in creating your funeral program. You can also make use of software and other word processing programs in creating a bi-fold or a tri-fold program.

If you feel that you need help in the designing aspect, download desktop publishing software such as the Adobe Illustrator or the Microsoft Publisher. But some of the DIY templates that you can find these days will no longer require you to design the program on your own for the templates already come with pre-made designs so take advantage of these templates. A lot of sites will charge you a certain fee in using the template, but there are also those that will offer DIY funeral program templates for free.

Put the Program Details and Information Altogether

The next step is to put together the details and information that you need to be included on the funeral program. Begin with the introduction and this should be placed right in front of the program. This should start with a dedication to the deceased person, or perhaps the person’s favorite poem or bible verse.

Including a short prose about the life of the person is also a good idea and if you choose to include a picture of the deceased, writing a short biography of the person underneath it is also recommended. After the introduction, it’s time to include the details stated above and other information that you want to include on the program.

As you are writing the details of the funeral program, make sure that you read it as well so to avoid any errors. If you are not sure about certain details or information, contact the officiating body so they can guide you through. Avoid putting too much information in just one page as it might look cluttered. Just like with everything, simpler is better.

Choose the Images and the Fonts

The next step is to look for images or photos that you want to be included on the funeral program, including the fonts. Make use of tasteful images of the deceased and the images should be cropped properly. Do not attempt to cut off anyone’s head or other parts of the body just so you can crop the deceased person’s photo. This should be the same with choosing the font to be used for the funeral program.

Try to stick with just one or two scripted fonts because any more than that will make the program to look cluttered and sloppy. Also, avoid putting a lot of colors on the program. Remember, this program is for a funeral and not for a wedding or birthday celebration. Try to stick with plain black, white or cream colored themes.

Decide on the Cover of your Funeral Program

The cover of the funeral program is what everyone will first see the moment you hand them out. This is also the part that they can remember the most and therefore, you should put more emphasis to it. There are do it yourself funeral program templates that also provide a template for the covers so look for these online. If you want to design the cover yourself, gather free images online, such as flowers, sunset, sunrise, rainbows, landscapes and other sceneries.

You may also include an image of the deceased on the front cover along with his or her full name as well as the date of birth and death. Another great idea for the cover is to include a collage of the deceased person’s images that were taken all throughout his or her life on earth.

Print Your Creation on a Special Paper

When you are done creating the funeral program, make sure to review everything that you have written and do the necessary revisions if needed. After that, it’s time to print the program on the special paper or the card stock. You can make use of your computer at home or bring it to companies that offer printing services. But if you are trying to save money, then you might as well just buy your own ink and use your printer at home.

Print your creation on the special paper that you have prepared but first, set up the printer to print just one pamphlet at first.  Then examine the paper and see if everything is perfect. If there are any errors, then make the necessary changes to the template before printing a large number of funeral programs.

So as you can see, creating the funeral programs is actually not that hard with the help of the DIY funeral program templates that you can download online. There are lots of them that you can find in the Internet and are a great help for those who do not have the means to spend for a good amount of money for a professionally made program. Remember that you will usually need a large number of program copies for the funeral especially if you are expecting several guests, relatives, family members and coworkers of the deceased to attend the funeral service. Using the template can certainly save you a lot of money and the earlier that you can create the program, the better it will turn out to be.

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