creating a memorial program

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Funeral Program

Creating a Funeral Program

A funeral program is an obituary program that contains the funeral order of service. It is a printed document in the form of a card or letter that is handed out to attending guests during the memorial or funeral service.

Because a lot of people would now choose to create the funeral program themselves, there are now lots of printable funeral brochures that you can find online. Funeral Pamphlets offers a pre-formatted funeral program template that you may use to create a printable funeral program card. Basically, these are pre-made funeral programs that you just need to edit and customize and then printed out on a card or a sheet of paper. Here’s what you should include on a funeral program.

Front Cover

The front cover of the program should be attractive. Remember that this is the part that the guests will first see so it should be attractively designed and should contain all the relevant information regarding the deceased.

creating a memorial program

Traditional Single Fold Funeral Program Template at

The printable funeral program templates that you will find online will require that you put the complete name of the deceased on the front cover, the date of birth and death, and underneath will be the details about the funeral service. This should include the name and address of the venue, date and time of the service, as well as who will be officiating.  It usually starts with, “In Loving Memory of”.

Order of Service

The next part is the order of service. This should not be hard if you make use of the printable funeral service templates since the template will provide the proper order for you. But usually, this is the listing of the service in order, such as the first music that will be sung and played, the readings in the Bible, as well as eulogies. On some funeral programs, the order of service will also include prayers and hymns that everyone is expected to sing during the memorial service.


Although not necessary, some funeral programs will include a written obituary. This is basically the biography of the deceased, from the time he was born until his death. On some of the printable funeral brochures, the obituary will also include information about the school where the deceased went to, his or her achievements and hobbies. It might also include messages from close family members and friends.

Additional Elements

If you still have enough room on the program, you can choose to add the deceased person’s favorite poem or the lyrics of his or her favorite song. You can also quote a scripture from the Bible or perhaps a message dedicated to the deceased. There are also some printable funeral program templates that will include a space for a collage photo of the deceased or an album along with close friends and family members.

You might think that creating the funeral program is a difficult task. But with the help of the printable funeral service program templates, everything will be a breeze. All you need is a computer and a printer and in less than an hour, you should be able to create the funeral programs dedicated specially for your dearly departed.

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