How to Create a Memorial Invitation for your Father’s Funeral

The death of your father is one of the most difficult things that you will have to deal with in life. It is for this reason why it is often challenging to write and create memorial invitation cards to be sent to relatives and friends informing them of this very sad event. But you have to remember that you are doing this for your father so you should make the invitation as special as possible.

Furthermore, these invitation cards will be sent to family and friends all over the world so you need to prepare the invitation as early as possible. For instance, if the funeral is in Montreal and you have relatives in London, then you should inform them as early as possible so they can plan ahead. Here are tips on how to write memorial invitation cards for your father’s funeral.

Gather All of the Important Data

You have to be precise with the details that you will include on the invitation cards so the first thing that you will do is to gather all of the important details. This would include the date and time of the funeral, the place and the name of the officiating minister.

You should also have the birth date of your father as well as the date of his death. If you plan to add his pictures on the memorial service invitations then you have to prepare the pictures ahead.

Other information that you can include are bible scriptures, poems and songs dedicated to your father. If you plan to create quad fold memorial service invitation cards, then you can use the extra space for other details, such as the viewing schedule and the schedule of the wake.

Go Online and Use a Template

Funeral Pamphlets offers many templates for memorial service invitations that you can use online so take advantage of these.  There are lots of templates for quad fold memorial invitation cards so you should not have a hard time on this. Once you found the most appropriate template, download it so you can start editing the memorial invitation wording.

Editing the Template

Editing the template is just so easy because it makes use of the Microsoft Word application which is probably very familiar to you. It is just merely a matter of changing the wordings and adding the details of your father’s funeral. It should take only a few minutes for as long as you have all the details available to you.

Before you print the quad fold memorial service invitation cards, do some final review and make any revisions if necessary. Print one invitation card first and if you think it looks great, then print as many copies as you want. When you’re done, place them in an envelope and distribute to friends and relatives all over the world.

Hopefully you have learned how to create a memorial invitation card for a father’s funeral.

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