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How to Print Death Memorial Templates


It may be hard for you to do the usual chores that you have been doing when a loved one passes away, especially when the passing away is sudden. You will have to deal with a lot of things aside from dealing with your bereavement, which will make things even harder. Aside from arranging for a funeral or memorial service, you also have to do additional proper arrangements so that the funeral or memorial service will be organized.

One of the first things that you will have to deal with is creating and printing death memorial templates. A remembrance program is an announcement card that informs the departed’s loved ones and colleagues about the funeral service that will be held at a certain place. But, this may not only include the time and place of the services, it may also include something about the deceased, such as the achievements of the deceased, prayers for the deceased and messages for your departed loved one.

Printing a Memorial Leaflet

With everything that is included in the printable death memorial templates, you may wonder how you can print them without ruining the actual print. Because some printers cannot print brochures properly as it can have limitations regarding the margins and printing style, you will have to adjust the templates.

Here are some tips on how you can print a remembrance program card properly:

  • Check the Border or Margin Size

When printing editable death memorial templates, make sure that you double-check the margins or borders especially when you are using MS Word. Because some printers are not able to print documents that have margins that are less than half an inch, you need to ensure that the margins are at least half an inch wide.

You can easily determine if the margin is too narrow by clicking on ‘Print’. There will often be a pop-up dialog box that states that the margin is too narrow and some of the characters or elements on the page will not be printed. Make sure to adjust the contents of the template to be able to widen the margin a little bit without ruining the whole design of the card.

  • Check the Colors

When printing remembrance program cards, make sure that you print a single-page sample first before your started printing a whole batch. This will ensure that you will achieve the color palette that you want. Most LCD screens show different colors depending on the setting, which means that the colors on the monitor may be different from the colors on the actual print.

It would also help to print a color wheel so that you will know how the colors look on real paper than on the screen. This will enable you to adjust the colors.

When printing sample remembrance program cards, make sure that you print them in the actual paper that you want to use for the cards. This will ensure that you will get the same kind of print on every copy of your cards.