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How to Print Death Memorial Templates


It may be hard for you to do the usual chores that you have been doing when a loved one passes away, especially when the passing away is sudden. You will have to deal with a lot of things aside from dealing with your bereavement, which will make things even harder. Aside from arranging for a funeral or memorial service, you also have to do additional proper arrangements so that the funeral or memorial service will be organized.

One of the first things that you will have to deal with is creating and printing death memorial templates. A remembrance program is an announcement card that informs the departed’s loved ones and colleagues about the funeral service that will be held at a certain place. But, this may not only include the time and place of the services, it may also include something about the deceased, such as the achievements of the deceased, prayers for the deceased and messages for your departed loved one.

Printing a Memorial Leaflet

With everything that is included in the printable death memorial templates, you may wonder how you can print them without ruining the actual print. Because some printers cannot print brochures properly as it can have limitations regarding the margins and printing style, you will have to adjust the templates.

Here are some tips on how you can print a remembrance program card properly:

  • Check the Border or Margin Size

When printing editable death memorial templates, make sure that you double-check the margins or borders especially when you are using MS Word. Because some printers are not able to print documents that have margins that are less than half an inch, you need to ensure that the margins are at least half an inch wide.

You can easily determine if the margin is too narrow by clicking on ‘Print’. There will often be a pop-up dialog box that states that the margin is too narrow and some of the characters or elements on the page will not be printed. Make sure to adjust the contents of the template to be able to widen the margin a little bit without ruining the whole design of the card.

  • Check the Colors

When printing remembrance program cards, make sure that you print a single-page sample first before your started printing a whole batch. This will ensure that you will achieve the color palette that you want. Most LCD screens show different colors depending on the setting, which means that the colors on the monitor may be different from the colors on the actual print.

It would also help to print a color wheel so that you will know how the colors look on real paper than on the screen. This will enable you to adjust the colors.

When printing sample remembrance program cards, make sure that you print them in the actual paper that you want to use for the cards. This will ensure that you will get the same kind of print on every copy of your cards.

Funeral Remembrance Cards for your Grandmother

Printable remembrance cards for funerals are created for the purpose of paying special tribute to Grandma. These printable cards are enclosed with an envelope to be given away to all the guests at the funeral service. This is a way of honoring a dearly departed. It is also a great way of saving money on funeral services.

If you are thinking of creating the remembrance cards for your grandmother’s funeral, the best option is to go online and look for a remembrance card template. This template will tell you exactly what should be written on the cards so all you basically need to do is to edit the wordings and add other messages and perhaps a photo of your grandmother.

funeral card for grandmother

Remembrance Card for Grandma

Printable Remembrance Cards

The printable remembrance cards for funerals are usually half the size of a traditional funeral program which usually comes in a letter size format. The cards are available in a one page layout and can also be used as a mini funeral program. You may choose between bifold and trifold cards.

More and more people are finding the importance of remembrance cards as a way to honor their deceased loved ones. Because of this, you will now find so many funeral memorial templates online that can help you in creating the remembrance card for your grandmother’s funeral.

Using the Template

The remembrance card template is easy to use, thus, you will be able to save enough time and money. This is really important especially since the funeral itself already costs a lot of money. In order to somehow lessen the financial burden, you better make use of the free funeral program template online. What’s even great about using the template is that they are easily accessible anywhere and can be used regardless of where the funeral is held all over the world. These funeral memorial templates come predesigned and so all you need to do is to enter the details of the funeral, attach some photos and then print them out.

As for the envelopes, you can obtain them from any supplies store near you. Place each of the funeral remembrance cards inside the envelope and then write down the name of the guest to whom the card is to be given to. You can also choose to mail the cards to relatives and friends in London or Toronto and to anyone who cannot attend the funeral service. These cards will serve as their remembrance of your dearly departed grandmother.

Attaching Photos

Some of the memorial pamphlet templates will require you to attach a photo of your grandmother. But if you do not want to place a photo there, you can leave it blank and instead, replace it with a poem or a bible verse that is dedicated to your grandmother. You can also choose to place a separate photo of your grandmother inside the envelope before giving out the funeral remembrance cards at the funeral service or before sending the cards to your friends and relatives all over the world. If you want the envelopes to have a design, then look for those funeral memorial templates that include a predesigned envelope.

What to Write

Choosing what to write in a remembrance card can be strenuous. There are several options for choosing what content to insert. You can insert a collage of photos, prayers, poems, or memories of the loved one. The choice is ultimately up to you and/or the family of the loved one.

How to Save Money on Funeral Services

It is often the remaining family members that will be left with the financial burden of having to pay for the funeral service of their deceased loved ones. In case you didn’t know, the funeral service could cost as much as $10,000. Of course, we only want what’s best for our dearly departed, but if you are pressed for money, there are ways to ease the financial burden that you will have to deal with when it comes to the funeral expenses. Read on to find out some tips on how to save money on funeral services.


Consider Direct Cremations

Direct cremations are often more affordable as compared to burial services. So if the deceased has not really requested specifically that he or she wants a burial, you can consider direct cremation as a cheaper alternative. Urns are much cheaper than caskets and you no longer have to pay or use any land for the burial. Just make sure to look for a legitimate funeral home that provides the best low-cost cremation services.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Although you might be feeling so down because of the death of a loved one, it is important that you plan way ahead of time the funeral service even if it will take place only after several days or in a week. Preparing the funeral service ahead of time can save you a lot of money from having to hire a funeral director to do the preparation. Usually, if you are pressed for time, you could end up hiring a professional funeral director which could cost you more.

Use Templates Online for the Program and Invitations

As soon as you have planned the funeral program, the next thing to do is to prepare the programs and invitations. What people would normally do when it comes to this is to hire a professional printing company to print the invitations or the programs. To save money, you might as well consider using printable online templates for funeral programs and invitations.

These templates are very easy to use. All you will do is to download the template, then use Microsoft Word to edit the template with important details, such as the name of the deceased, date and time of the funeral service and the order of the service.

You can also add some photos on the program and invitations, as well as background images to make it look even more presentable. Print it in a cardboard or a special type of paper and distribute them to family and friends.funeral

When one of the members of your family will die, the very thought of having to arrange a funeral service can be overwhelming especially if you consider the expenses that come with it. Aside from following the tips above to save money on a funeral service, don’t hesitate to ask help from a relative or any member of your family to help you with the preparation. If there are lots of you who will help out in the preparation, the emotional and financial burden will somehow be lessened.


Customizing a Funeral Mass Program of your Mother

Losing your mother is an extremely difficult situation to cope up with. So if you need help in creating a funeral mass program, then you can make use of those funeral program templates online. These templates can be easily customized and since they are readily available in the World Wide Web, you can have access to it wherever you may be.

Even if you are organizing a funeral program in Houston, you can make use of the template even if you are based in Miami. These memorial service program templates are so convenient to use and you can get the job done fast, just in time for your mother’s funeral service.

What Is a Funeral Program?

The funeral program is made to chronicle the life of the deceased. This also gives information about the funeral service that will soon take place. Among the most commonly used types of funeral programs are the single fold funeral remembrance cards. This program is made out of a traditional letter size paper with dimensions of about 8.5” by 11” and one side is folded down towards the center of the paper.

Remember that the funeral mass program also serves as a remembrance in honor of the deceased. Some of the funeral guests will hold on to these programs as a way of remembering the deceased person.

How to Begin Creating the Program

The best way to begin creating the single fold funeral remembrance cards is to go online and look for funeral program templates that you can easily customize. Using these templates is highly recommended especially for those who have no idea on how to go about the entire process.

When you do a search, you will find several different types of free funeral service program template that you can use in creating the funeral program for your mom. Once you found the most appropriate template, simply edit it or customize it and include details regarding the funeral service of your mom.

How to Customize the Templates

Customizing the free funeral service program template is just so easy. These templates will provide the proper order of the funeral service and will provide you with text boxes that you can edit in order to customize the funeral program for your mother. Simply fill out the fields with your mom’s name, her birth date and date of death and of course, the details of the funeral service.

You should indicate on the front cover of the single fold memorial service invitation cards the date, time and location of the funeral. When you are done editing and customizing the memorial service program template, all you need to do next is to print it out and then distribute them to friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, and to everyone that you expect to attend the funeral service of your mother.

Remember that creating the memorial service invitation cards is not really that hard for as long as you make use of the memorial service program templates found online. Use your creativity and add some pictures and other designs to make the program even more special.

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Are Remembrance Cards for Funerals Necessary?

The time right after a loved one’s death is a truly devastating period. Taking the time to create remembrance cards for funerals might seem like an unnecessary burden during this very difficult time. But do you know that creating these cards might somehow relieve you of the sadness that you feel? Also, these cards will serve as your remembrance of your dearly departed and you can distribute this to friends and relatives from London and Toronto or to other relatives all over the world who cannot attend the funeral. That way, they would also have a keepsake that will remind them of the happy memories they once shared with your loved one. Creating the remembrance cards for funerals is not really a challenge for there are several templates that you can use for this.

Use a Template Online

You can certainly save a lot of time if you make use of the memorial templates found online. The templates are available in a variety of sizes, styles, layouts and themes so you are free to choose whatever you want.

The printable remembrance card template also varies in pricing and there are even those that are being given for free. If you do not want to make use of the template, then you can choose to lay out the template yourself but this will take up a lot of time. Make sure that you choose the printable remembrance card template that can be edited using a software application that you are familiar with such as the Microsoft Word.

Compose the Message for the Card

After you have chosen a template for the remembrance card, compose the message that you want to be included in it. You have to gather all of the necessary details such as the date and location of the funeral service and other details. Oftentimes, the funeral remembrance cards should have the following:

  • A photo of the deceased
  • Obituary
  • Date and location of the funeral service
  • Name of the surviving family members
  • Additional family photos or collage with close friends and relatives
  • Thank you note from the surviving family members
  • Quotation or bible passage

Once you have all the information ready, open the template in the Microsoft Word application and start editing. Simply copy and paste the details above and make sure that you save your work from time to time.

Prepare the Paper and the Envelopes

Right after you are done editing the template, the next step is to print the printable funeral remembrance cards template. But of course, you need to have a paper to print the cards. So visit your nearest supplies store and look for a card or a specialized paper that is of premium quality. A glossy photo paper is also recommended for the remembrance cards. Once you have the paper ready, it’s time to print the remembrance cards. Print as many copies as you want and make sure that you have enough copies to distribute to those who will attend the funeral, including those who cannot attend.

The Four Different Styles of Funeral Program

There are several different styles of funeral programs today although four of these are the most commonly used. It will help to know the advantages as well as the characteristics of each type before you start with creating a funeral program.

The four most common types are the large booklets single fold, tri fold, graduated fold, and the single fold funeral mass program. By familiarizing yourself with each of these styles, it will be much easier for you to choose which funeral program template to download online.

Also, you have to remember that the programs must be created way ahead of time especially if the funeral service is in New York and you have visitors coming from as far as Houston. Remember that you have to mail the single fold funeral mass program to friends and relatives so it might take time before they could receive it.

Large Booklets Single Fold

The large booklets single fold type is also called the tabloid size. It is huge and resembles the size of a tabloid. Because of the ample space that this program has, it can hold several photos and messages. The finished program will then be stapled right in the middle. The size of this type of funeral program design is about 8.5 inches by 11 inches and you can choose to add additional pages to it when needed.

Tri Fold Funeral Program

Another popular style of funeral memorial programs is the tri fold. This is said to be very convenient because it comes in a compact size and the type of fold that this program comes makes it the ideal remembrance cards for funerals since it can be easily tucked in a book or in a Bible. Most of the templates for this design come with an extensive collage on the front and back cover. You can choose to add several pages for this type of funeral program because of its style.

Graduated Fold Funeral Program

The graduated fold funeral program is unique and it features side tabs on its right side making it one of the most beautiful funeral programs of all the styles available. The program is available in a four or eight page layout, although it will never exceed eight pages due to the graduation of the pages. Just like with the rest of the funeral program designs, you can choose to add pages within each of the graduated pages although this can be a bit tricky.

Single Fold Funeral Program

The single fold is the most common of all four funeral program styles. Because of this, you will find several templates for single fold funeral service order of events so you will certainly not have a hard time if you choose this style for the funeral program. What’s great about this style is that you can add as many pages as you can. It is available in a compact size which is about 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches which is why it is also being used as remembrance cards for funerals.

How to Create a Memorial Invitation for your Father’s Funeral

The death of your father is one of the most difficult things that you will have to deal with in life. It is for this reason why it is often challenging to write and create memorial invitation cards to be sent to relatives and friends informing them of this very sad event. But you have to remember that you are doing this for your father so you should make the invitation as special as possible.

Furthermore, these invitation cards will be sent to family and friends all over the world so you need to prepare the invitation as early as possible. For instance, if the funeral is in Montreal and you have relatives in London, then you should inform them as early as possible so they can plan ahead. Here are tips on how to write memorial invitation cards for your father’s funeral.

Gather All of the Important Data

You have to be precise with the details that you will include on the invitation cards so the first thing that you will do is to gather all of the important details. This would include the date and time of the funeral, the place and the name of the officiating minister.

You should also have the birth date of your father as well as the date of his death. If you plan to add his pictures on the memorial service invitations then you have to prepare the pictures ahead.

Other information that you can include are bible scriptures, poems and songs dedicated to your father. If you plan to create quad fold memorial service invitation cards, then you can use the extra space for other details, such as the viewing schedule and the schedule of the wake.

Go Online and Use a Template

Funeral Pamphlets offers many templates for memorial service invitations that you can use online so take advantage of these.  There are lots of templates for quad fold memorial invitation cards so you should not have a hard time on this. Once you found the most appropriate template, download it so you can start editing the memorial invitation wording.

Editing the Template

Editing the template is just so easy because it makes use of the Microsoft Word application which is probably very familiar to you. It is just merely a matter of changing the wordings and adding the details of your father’s funeral. It should take only a few minutes for as long as you have all the details available to you.

Before you print the quad fold memorial service invitation cards, do some final review and make any revisions if necessary. Print one invitation card first and if you think it looks great, then print as many copies as you want. When you’re done, place them in an envelope and distribute to friends and relatives all over the world.

Hopefully you have learned how to create a memorial invitation card for a father’s funeral.

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creating a memorial program

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Funeral Program

Creating a Funeral Program

A funeral program is an obituary program that contains the funeral order of service. It is a printed document in the form of a card or letter that is handed out to attending guests during the memorial or funeral service.

Because a lot of people would now choose to create the funeral program themselves, there are now lots of printable funeral brochures that you can find online. Funeral Pamphlets offers a pre-formatted funeral program template that you may use to create a printable funeral program card. Basically, these are pre-made funeral programs that you just need to edit and customize and then printed out on a card or a sheet of paper. Here’s what you should include on a funeral program.

Front Cover

The front cover of the program should be attractive. Remember that this is the part that the guests will first see so it should be attractively designed and should contain all the relevant information regarding the deceased.

creating a memorial program

Traditional Single Fold Funeral Program Template at

The printable funeral program templates that you will find online will require that you put the complete name of the deceased on the front cover, the date of birth and death, and underneath will be the details about the funeral service. This should include the name and address of the venue, date and time of the service, as well as who will be officiating.  It usually starts with, “In Loving Memory of”.

Order of Service

The next part is the order of service. This should not be hard if you make use of the printable funeral service templates since the template will provide the proper order for you. But usually, this is the listing of the service in order, such as the first music that will be sung and played, the readings in the Bible, as well as eulogies. On some funeral programs, the order of service will also include prayers and hymns that everyone is expected to sing during the memorial service.


Although not necessary, some funeral programs will include a written obituary. This is basically the biography of the deceased, from the time he was born until his death. On some of the printable funeral brochures, the obituary will also include information about the school where the deceased went to, his or her achievements and hobbies. It might also include messages from close family members and friends.

Additional Elements

If you still have enough room on the program, you can choose to add the deceased person’s favorite poem or the lyrics of his or her favorite song. You can also quote a scripture from the Bible or perhaps a message dedicated to the deceased. There are also some printable funeral program templates that will include a space for a collage photo of the deceased or an album along with close friends and family members.

You might think that creating the funeral program is a difficult task. But with the help of the printable funeral service program templates, everything will be a breeze. All you need is a computer and a printer and in less than an hour, you should be able to create the funeral programs dedicated specially for your dearly departed.

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How To: DIY Funeral Program Templates

Do it yourself funeral program templates help to make life a little bit easier by helping people to create a funeral program without a lot of stress. There are templates that come with a fee and they are the ones that have more elaborate designs and can be personalized according to your needs. It is a good idea to choose the template that matches well with the personality of the deceased. The program should serve as a commemorative piece to honor the deceased person so it is just right that we make it as great as possible.

We all know that death is something that we all have to deal with sooner or later. It is inevitable and is part of our existence in this world. Yet, when the time comes that our loved ones will have to say goodbye, dealing with the loss is not that easy. It is very depressing and involves a lot of emotions and difficulties. But we have to move on and the best thing that we can do is to prepare for a memorable memorial service for the deceased which is our way of showing our devotion and to honor the death of our loved one.

We should begin by preparing a funeral program. The process may not be that easy, but with the help of the templates, everything should be a breeze. Below are tips on how to come up with a great funeral program with the use of the DIY funeral program templates online.

Gather Design Ideas and Inspirations Online

Before you begin, it is best to search the Internet for inspiration on the design and theme of the funeral program. There are several different types of funeral programs that you can find these days. You can go for a simple rectangular or square shaped program or perhaps, a folded card design or the tri-fold card style.

Whatever design you want, always think about the things or the elements that you want to be included on the card. If you want to fill it with so much information, then you need to have a bigger size for the program. Decide on the dimensions according to the amount of information that you plan to include on the card. There are lots of resources online that you can use to gather design ideas and inspirations for the funeral program, so take advantage of these before you start creating and designing the funeral or memorial program.

Think of the Information to Include on the Program

As mentioned, the dimensions of the pamphlet or the booklet for the program will be based on the amount of information that you want to include. Some of the most important details that will have to be included on the program are the following:

  • Full name of the deceased including the maiden name.
  • Exact date of birth and death.
  • Place, time and date of the funeral service and the burial.
  • Complete names of the surviving family members.
  • Name of the pallbearers and officiating minister.
  • Name of those who are assigned to deliver a eulogy.
  • Name of the songs to be played during the service.
  • Bible verses and references.

Aside from the details above, other things that may be included on the program are:

  • Photos of the deceased on various stages of his or her life.
  • Short biography.
  • List of his or her favorite poems, movies, songs, etc.
  • Favorite anecdotes of the deceased.
  • Sentiments of gratitude coming from friends and family members.

Look for a Free Template for DIY Funeral Programs

Once you have already set an idea in mind on the design and the theme of the program, the next step is to look for do it yourself funeral program templates online. As mentioned above, there are lots of websites now that offer free templates which you can use in creating your funeral program. You can also make use of software and other word processing programs in creating a bi-fold or a tri-fold program.

If you feel that you need help in the designing aspect, download desktop publishing software such as the Adobe Illustrator or the Microsoft Publisher. But some of the DIY templates that you can find these days will no longer require you to design the program on your own for the templates already come with pre-made designs so take advantage of these templates. A lot of sites will charge you a certain fee in using the template, but there are also those that will offer DIY funeral program templates for free.

Put the Program Details and Information Altogether

The next step is to put together the details and information that you need to be included on the funeral program. Begin with the introduction and this should be placed right in front of the program. This should start with a dedication to the deceased person, or perhaps the person’s favorite poem or bible verse.

Including a short prose about the life of the person is also a good idea and if you choose to include a picture of the deceased, writing a short biography of the person underneath it is also recommended. After the introduction, it’s time to include the details stated above and other information that you want to include on the program.

As you are writing the details of the funeral program, make sure that you read it as well so to avoid any errors. If you are not sure about certain details or information, contact the officiating body so they can guide you through. Avoid putting too much information in just one page as it might look cluttered. Just like with everything, simpler is better.

Choose the Images and the Fonts

The next step is to look for images or photos that you want to be included on the funeral program, including the fonts. Make use of tasteful images of the deceased and the images should be cropped properly. Do not attempt to cut off anyone’s head or other parts of the body just so you can crop the deceased person’s photo. This should be the same with choosing the font to be used for the funeral program.

Try to stick with just one or two scripted fonts because any more than that will make the program to look cluttered and sloppy. Also, avoid putting a lot of colors on the program. Remember, this program is for a funeral and not for a wedding or birthday celebration. Try to stick with plain black, white or cream colored themes.

Decide on the Cover of your Funeral Program

The cover of the funeral program is what everyone will first see the moment you hand them out. This is also the part that they can remember the most and therefore, you should put more emphasis to it. There are do it yourself funeral program templates that also provide a template for the covers so look for these online. If you want to design the cover yourself, gather free images online, such as flowers, sunset, sunrise, rainbows, landscapes and other sceneries.

You may also include an image of the deceased on the front cover along with his or her full name as well as the date of birth and death. Another great idea for the cover is to include a collage of the deceased person’s images that were taken all throughout his or her life on earth.

Print Your Creation on a Special Paper

When you are done creating the funeral program, make sure to review everything that you have written and do the necessary revisions if needed. After that, it’s time to print the program on the special paper or the card stock. You can make use of your computer at home or bring it to companies that offer printing services. But if you are trying to save money, then you might as well just buy your own ink and use your printer at home.

Print your creation on the special paper that you have prepared but first, set up the printer to print just one pamphlet at first.  Then examine the paper and see if everything is perfect. If there are any errors, then make the necessary changes to the template before printing a large number of funeral programs.

So as you can see, creating the funeral programs is actually not that hard with the help of the DIY funeral program templates that you can download online. There are lots of them that you can find in the Internet and are a great help for those who do not have the means to spend for a good amount of money for a professionally made program. Remember that you will usually need a large number of program copies for the funeral especially if you are expecting several guests, relatives, family members and coworkers of the deceased to attend the funeral service. Using the template can certainly save you a lot of money and the earlier that you can create the program, the better it will turn out to be.

How to Make a Funeral Programme Using MS Word

Creating a funeral programme template is not easy not because it is complicated to do but because you are currently grieving while creating it. Thankfully, there are programs that will enable you to make a funeral leaflet easily. This will alleviate some of the burden that you are feeling, which will enable you to organize a funeral service that will truly show how much you appreciate the life of your deceased loved one.

Making a Funeral Program Card

MS Word or Microsoft Word is one of simplest word processors or editors that you can use to create funeral brochures. There are multiple templates readily available on MS Word that you can use as a guide in creating these brochures. This will enable you to save time and energy in making the brochures, which will enable you to have them printed and delivered to their respective recipients well before the scheduled funeral service.

  • Use a Template

The easiest way to create a funeral programme is by using a template. You can use the templates readily available on MS Word. You just have to open MS Word, click on ‘File’ then hit the ‘New’ option or icon. The icon looks like a blank sheet of paper with a slight fold on the upper right corner of the paper.

A pop-up window will appear. This contains the templates. You only have to choose one. You can choose from the different categories, which are listed at the left side of the pop-up window. You can either choose ‘Brochures’, ‘Flyers’ or ‘Cards’. Then, choose the kind of template that you like.

Input the needed details and photo by clicking on the form or space provided for the content and adjust the content according to your liking. Save the files and print them on your own printer or have it printed on a nearby printing shop.

  • Download Templates
memorial card templates for microsoft word

If you want something specific, you can also choose downloadable funeral program templates online at websites such as You just need to make sure that the files that you will download are compatible with MS Word. This will enable you to edit these printable templates without any problems.

Although there are editable funeral programme templates online that are also compatible with other editors, it would be best to choose downloadable funeral program templates that are compatible with MS Word. Because this is one of the easiest programs to use, this is the most preferred one. you will have minimal or no problems when you use this program as this is very easy to use and printing the templates will never be a problem since it is quite compatible with any kind of printer used in homes and offices.

When looking for printable funeral program templates, make sure that you check out the free ones. This will save you more money. But if you want to have more choices, feel free to check out the premium ones. This will enable you to choose the one that you think best fits your deceased loved one’s personality.

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