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Show How You Really Feel with Death Memorial Cards

When someone you love passes away, you are inclined to show how you really feel about the person. You will also want to show how much you appreciate the person. And one of the best ways to show how you truly feel is to create death memorial cards. These memorial leaflets will enable you to express how you feel by putting what you feel inside on those leaflets that you can share with family and friends.

This will also enable other family members to show how they feel by pitching in and adding things to the leaflets. Also, these brochures will be a very useful token since it will be a token for friends and family who want to remember your departed loved one.

Sharing Your Feelings on Memorial Service Leaflets

There are different ways on how to show how you feel though remembrance leaflets. Here are some ways on how you can express your feelings and appreciation of your deceased loved one through these leaflets.

  • Prayers

One of the best ways to show that you want your departed loved one to find solace is to add prayers on the death memorial cards. These prayers can be copied or can be created by you. Regardless of who made or composed the prayers, what’s important is that it can convey your prayers.

Aside from prayers, you can also include remembrance poems in the printable memorial leaflets that you are making. These poems can also be created by you or copied from another source. There are a lot of remembrance poems that you can find online. These poems can either be found on literature websites or funeral service websites. There are lots of funeral websites that provide free remembrance poems and downloadable death memorial card templates.

You can also get these cards for a price at memorial leaflet template online shops.

  • Speech

Inserting a small speech at the memorial cards will also show how you feel. By providing a positive speech about your deceased loved one’s life and memories, you will be able to share how much you appreciate the life of the departed.

This will also make a way for you to say how you feel without speaking it out. By putting what you have to say on the memorial leaflets, you will be able to let others know how you feel, which will also be a good way to express the grief that you are feeling.

  • Sharing Memories

When creating printable death memorial cards, you can also share memories that you, your family and your friends spent with the departed. This will enable everyone to reminisce on the good times instead of focusing on the grief and your loss. This will also be a good way to divert your attention to the good times that you shared instead of burying yourself in grief.

Making these kinds of memorial leaflets will not only make the memorial service more memorable. It will also be a good way to express your appreciation for the life of your deceased loved one.

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Printable death memorial cards

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Plan a Memorable Funeral with Memorial Order of Service Cards

Plan a Short but Memorable Funeral with a Good Memorial Order of Service Cards

Planning a short but memorable funeral is possible when you have a good memorial order of service cards. With the help of these cards, you can make the funeral services on schedule, without delays and without too much time extended on certain activities. Because the attendees will know when and where the service will be held, the service can be started on time. Also, because the attendees will know the activities that will be done next, everyone will be able to participate and cooperate, which will avoid any delay and disorganization.

Thus, it is important to have a funeral program guide when planning a funeral service of a loved one. This way, you will be able to do everything that needs to be done in an orderly manner.


Creating a Funeral Program and Memorial Order of Service Cards

To make your loved one’s funeral service organized, you have to follow a guide. This kind, whether it is a simple or a detailed one, will help you determine what activities you should do next and which ones you should prioritize.

Memorial program cards, on the other hand, will enable you to let all the attendees know what schedule you should follow so that the memorial service will be organized and proper. Because this will be your way of appreciating and celebrating the life of your departed loved one, this should be done without any hassle and delays.

Here are some guidelines on how to make a good funeral guide and memorial card for your loved one’s memorial service.

Memorial Guides

When making a funeral program guide, it is important to get all the help and suggestions that you can get and learn everything that you can in arranging a funeral. Visit various websites that can help you set up a memorial guide so that you will have an idea on what you should do. There will likely be a sample funeral program guide on the websites that you are going to visit that you can download and edit so that you can create a guide faster and much easier.

Program Cards

When making memorial order of service cards, make sure that you look for memorial order of service cards online. Choosing this route will offer you a better, cheaper, and more personal alternative than ordering them from funeral homes. Funeral program cards are found on various funeral card websites so make sure to visit them when you need to create cards to be sent to your distant relatives and friends before the funeral. These cards will not only serve as a token but will also be a guide for them on when and where the memorial service will be held. It will also enable them to know how long the service will be and what things are included in the service.

  • Make it Personalized

When making a funeral program guide and cards, be sure to include designs, messages and photos that will make the cards personalized. This will make the cards more special.

Making the cards customized will also enable the recipients of the cards to have something to keep in memory of your lost loved one. Through these cards, you can have something to help you cherish and remember the life of the departed. Websites like offer a same-day customization and delivery service.

  • Don’t Forget the Special Events and Experiences on Your Loved One’s Life

To make it possible for the recipients of the memorial order of service cards to use the cards as a token for the memories of your loved one, be sure to include the happy and important memories in the cards that you are going to make.

You can include a page where the happy memories and accomplishments of your departed loved one will be put together. These memories can be read by the mourners to help them ease the sadness and pain of their loss, which will make things easier for everyone.

When making a funeral program guide, make sure that you include all the good things that you can cherish during and after the funeral service. But, make them simple and not too long. This way, the service can be short. Make sure that every activity is included in the guide so that mourners will know when the service will start and end. This way, there will be no extensions to the service, which can take much longer if there will be no plan made ahead of time.

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How to Plan a Memorial with the Help of Friends and Relatives Overseas

Planning a memorial should not be done alone. This is a time of deep sadness and grief so it is best that you do most of the things with your family and friends. Even if your loved ones live overseas, planning a memorial together is possible. Thus, even if you are living apart from your loved ones, you can still manage to do everything together, which will not only make things easier but will also ease some of the pain and sadness that all of you are feeling.

Planning a Memorial with Your Loved Ones

Here are some tips on how you can plan a memorial with your friends and relatives even when you are living very far from each other.

Use the Internet

The Internet is the most efficient means that you can use to communicate with your loved ones when planning for a memorial. Make sure that you set a date and time when you can talk with all or most of your loved ones so that you can discuss everything that needs to be done for the memorial.

Skype is a great way to talk with your loved ones abroad. You can either chat or talk with them through calls and video calls so that you can discuss the memorial program guidelines you need to follow to be able to set an organized memorial service.

  • Email

Using email is also another great way to communicate with your loved ones overseas. You can set the funeral schedule and everything for the memorial service by exchanging emails and files that you need to use for the memorial preparations.

Follow Memorial Program Guidelines

Aside from communicating with each other through Skype and emails, you can also use online memorial program guidelines to prepare the funeral. You can send your loved ones the link to online funeral program guideline sites so that they can all see what you should do. This way, you can all agree on what should be done next and the choices that you have to make for the preparations such as the creation of customized funeral cards.

You can print the guidelines to make it easier for you to read them. This will also enable you to take them along with you wherever you would need to go. Thus, when you need to go out to get or do something for the memorial service, you can check your list and see if everything is done appropriately.

Because these cards are some of the most important things that you need to address immediately, you need to talk about it as soon as you know the things that you should do for the memorial service.

  • Do Not Forget the Guidelines

When deciding on the customized funeral cards, make sure that you follow the memorial program guidelines so that you will know how you can create or order these cards. There are a lot of sample customized funeral cards that you will find online; use them. Send the samples to your loved ones overseas so that they can give their opinion and suggestions for the cards. Make sure that you agree with the printable cards and have them made as soon as possible so that you can send them to everyone you wish to know about the passing away of your loved one and you can move on to the next tasks that you need to accomplish.

This also goes for everything that you are going to prepare and arrange for the memorial service.

  • Check Your List

After completing a task, check them off on your printed memorial program guidelines. This way, you will know which ones you need to accomplish next. You can send a copy of your guidelines to your loved ones overseas so that they will know which ones they should focus on and research on next.

This will not only help you get through things faster and easier but will also avoid confusion and doing things that are already done all over again.

When planning for a memorial with family and friends overseas, make sure that you try to understand everyone and keep your calm. Be thankful of their help and try to understand when they get frustrated at times especially if they will not be able to go to the funeral personally, which will surely make them feel sad all the more.


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Online Service that Offers Customized Memorial Programs

If you need services that offer customized memorial programs, you can find them online.

Getting services online for funeral services is a great idea since you will be able to get everything that you need without driving around town to look for businesses that can offer you their services. Because you will be distressed by the passing away of your loved one, you will likely not want to go out and would prefer getting everything online. So, it would be ideal to know more about them so that you can avail of their services when the time comes.

Personalized Funeral Cards

Personalized funeral cards are some of the important things that you need to take care of immediately when a loved one passes away. Because this will enable you to inform your loved ones, who live on distant places, about the news about your loved one’s passing away, this should be taken care of as soon as possible. Also, personalized cards will enable you to add a personal touch to the cards, which will show your love, care and respect for your departed loved one.

And to be able to get these personalized funeral programs immediately, you should avail the services of businesses online that provide funeral services. Follow the steps below on how to get customized memorial programs online.


Guide in Getting Personalized Funeral Cards Online

There are a lot of free customizable templates that you can get from online funeral service providers. Some of them are paid and some are free. It is up to you which ones you are going to choose. But regardless of the price, make sure that you consider these things before downloading your chosen personalized funeral programs.

  • Make Sure that Your Preferred Company Delivers the Cards Promptly

When choosing to avail of the paid customized memorial programs, make sure that you look at the delivery of the cards. Websites such as offer e-mail delivery of your customized memorial program cards the same with an average wait time of 2 hours! Once you receive your printable template, you may easily edit it through Microsoft Word and print as many copies as needed.

  • Look for Companies that Can Fully Customize Cards

Even if there are many companies that offer customized cards, they often offer cards based on templates and are only edited based on the preference of the client. If you want the customized memorial programs to be really personalized, make sure that you find a company that truly creates cards according to your wishes.

Personalized funeral cards are some of the things that will truly show your appreciation and care for the departed so make sure that you make them really special. Make sure that you look at sample customized memorial programs first before availing of the services of online funeral service providers so that you can be sure that they are offering quality services.

catholic memorial program template pamphlet
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Cremation vs Burial: The Pros and Cons

Cremation and burial are the two options that you can choose from when putting your deceased loved one to rest. Many people are often confused on which to choose between the two due to various reasons. Religious families opt for a burial as they see cremation as a sin while others opt for cremation due to financial reasons and convenience. But because there is no conclusion or discussion in the Bible whether cremation is truly a sin, many people are still confused on which one to choose. Because of this, many people base their decisions on other factors.

Families sometimes base their decision on whether they are burying or cremating their love one on their circumstances. Money plays a big role in these decisions because the passing away of a loved one is almost always sudden. Because of this, families often have no money to avail of services for funerals, burial and so on.

But if you still want to know which one is better not only for your deceased loved one but also for you and your family, here are the pros and cons of both procedures. These will help you make your decisions when time comes.

Pros and Cons of Burial and Cremation


Burial is the procedure before cremation was accepted by the public and most religious organizations. Some burials include burial services where mourners will be present at the burial, which will be held at the cemetery and would often end at a certain meeting place where food and beverages are served, hosted by the family of the deceased.

Some families also include memorial services before a burial so that they can celebrate the life of their deceased loved one. Thus, funeral order of service cards and other things are sent to relatives and friends.

  • Pros

The pros of a burial are the acceptance of most people and religions and the closure that it gives to the surviving family. It is also deemed to show respect for the deceased as the body of the departed is buried in a decorative casket to decompose the natural way.

  • Cons

The disadvantages of a burial, however, are its price and procedures. Burials can cost about $7,000, the cheapest at about a little below $3,000, which is quite expensive. There can also be additional expenses for additional services such as memorial services or ‘life celebration’ services that can also cost thousands of dollars.


  • Pros

The advantages of cremation, on the other hand, are convenience and price. Cremation only costs a little over $1,000 and can be cheaper. Also, it is quite convenient as there are no more caskets and other things to be bought and rented when a deceased is cremated. Although memorial services can still be done to celebrate the life of the departed.

This is also more convenient as the body is burned in a furnace and put in a box or jar especially made for ashes of the deceased.

  • Cons

The disadvantages of this process, however, is the there is often no closure for families doing this. Also, cremation is considered as a sin by some religious groups, therefore, it is considered as disrespectful not only to the deceased but also to the God of the departed and the surviving family.

Regardless of which service you get, what is important is that you can get to celebrate the life of your loved one. You can set a funeral service or memorial service for them. But if you still want to save money, you can get funeral order of service cards for free to reduce the expenses. It would be ideal to send online funeral programs as well so that you don’t have to send them by mail. There are free online funeral programs that you can find online to make things easier and less expensive for you.

When looking for funeral order of service cards, make sure that you choose editable funeral order of service cards so that you can personalize them. You can send them out after printing or have online funeral programs sent via email. You may also choose for the team of professionals at Funeral Pamphlets to customize the funeral or memorial cards for you and have it delivered very the same day.

Also, it would be ideal if you would have funeral order of service cards handed out during the services so that everyone can have a memento of the service, which is the celebration of the life of your loved one. Send online funeral programs to those who were not able to attend also so that they can have a remembrance of the event, even if they weren’t able to attend the service.

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How to Organize a Funeral Service

Organizing a funeral service isn’t easy. It’s okay to feel sad and overwhelmed, but you should find it in you the strength to know how to organize a funeral. You should plan the funeral service as early as now because planning a memorial service can be overwhelming. Obviously, you don’t have a lot of time as soon as your family member dies, so you should know what to do from the get-go.

What if your family member is already dead and you don’t know how to organize a funeral? You don’t have to worry because all you need to do is to follow these tips on planning a funeral service the organized way.

Tips on How to Organize a Funeral

Here are some tips on how to plan a funeral:

  • Try to overlook the grief for the meantime.

This tip may sound unfair, but you need to have a clear mind at this point. Consider this a chance to pay your respects to the deceased, and you can grieve later on.

  • Have a list of things that you need to do.

This is one of the best ways to be organized. Have a list of things that you need to do and prioritize the things that you need right now. For example, you need to deal with the authorities the moment that your loved one dies. You should also start the process of getting the death certificate.

You’ll have to deal with a funeral parlor since they have everything that you need like the casket and the embalming skills. It’s a good idea to deal with a local funeral parlor.

If you have the budget for it, the funeral director can handle everything for you. However, it’s much more fulfilling if you’re going to do the smaller tasks, while the funeral director handles the more complicated tasks. You’re already learning how to organize a funeral anyway so might as well handle the other tasks involved in planning a memorial service. Besides, doing this can help you save a lot of money.

  • Ask for help from family members and friends.

Refer to the list that you just made and delegate. For example, you can have someone take care of the funeral announcement. A funeral service announcement is important and should be one of the first things that you’ll do, but you don’t need to do it personally. This is especially true since the one tasked to do it can just find a printable funeral service template online.

You can also employ the help of someone to come up with a video montage or photo slideshow. You can play this at the service.

  • Plan for the order of service.

Planning a memorial service won’t be complete without coming up with an organized order of service. For starters, you need memorial order of service cards and you can find countless of printable funeral order of service templates online. This way, you don’t really have to worry about the order of service. Just find a good printable memorial order of service template and just use it.

  • Have the other materials ready.

In addition to the memorial order of service, you should also prepare the other materials including  funeral memorial cards and funeral service invitations. These materials are important if you are to hold a proper funeral service. You may send these funeral invitations out to friends and family by printed physical form, or you may send it to friends and family via document through e-mail or social media.

  • Inform the people with key roles in the service.

It’s also your responsibility to inform the key people like the minister. This way, they can make the necessary arrangements. In addition, make sure to inform the people that will be offering their eulogies. The pallbearers should be informed as well.

  • Take care of the venue and other related things.

Where are you going to hold the service? Also, make sure to check the sound system if it’s sufficient. You may also need to contact a catering service for the refreshments, although more and more people are just choosing to employ the help of family members when it comes to the refreshments that they can just prepare at home.

Speaking of the home, you should also consider having the funeral service at home. It’s easier to plan a funeral service if it’s at home.

The Internet is Your Friend

If you’re still at a loss as to how to organize a funeral, the Internet presents a wealth of useful information that you can use to plan a memorial service effectively and efficiently.

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Pros and Cons of Planning a Home Funeral

Planning a home funeral has its advantages and disadvantages for the family of the deceased. Home funerals are often more private than funerals than in funeral home and other venues. Therefore, the bereaved can have more privacy when they hold home funerals. But, that does not make home funerals really private all the time. Because friends and acquaintances will likely stick around for quite a while, it would be hard for the family to take some rest or some break from the crowd.

Advantages of Holding a Home Funeral

If you are planning on holding a home funeral for you or for your loved one, you should weigh the advantages and the disadvantages so that you will be able to determine whether your decision will be beneficial for your family.

More Personalized Planning

Planning a home funeral can also be more personalized. You will be able to set the schedule according to your wishes or the convenience of your family and the attendees of the funeral.
Creating funeral bulletin cards, announcements, or flyers from funeral templates would also be a great affordable idea when you hold a home funeral as you will be able to make these cards on your own, in the privacy of your own home. There are a variety of funeral service templates online that you can easily download, print, and distribute at

These cards are downloadable, editable and printable, even for people who are not much familiar with computers and image editors, as these funeral program templates come in Microsoft Word format. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you may download a free sample directly from the product page.

• Often More Private
Because home funerals are, of course, held at home, they are likely more private than funeral homes. Because of this, the family of the deceased will be able to have more quiet time with close family members and close friends.

Less Expensive
Home funerals are also less expensive because you do not need to pay for the funeral home for more services. By downloading your own funeral program templates and printing as many as you need, you can cut funeral costs by a hefty sum.

memorial service templates

Printable Memorial Service Templates at

Disadvantages of Holding Home Funerals

Even though home funerals are quite advantageous, this kind of funeral service also has its disadvantages.
Lots of Things to be Done
Because you are not availing of the service of a funeral home, you will have to do most things on your own. Most of your family members will have a chore to do, which is not quite a likeable thing to do when mourning.
Not So Private
Even though home funerals can be private, especially if there are lesser people who will attend the service, it will not be so private. Because friends and colleagues might stay for a while during and after the service, family members of the deceased will feel they will have no place to rest or be alone in the house.
Some Hospitals Think Home Funerals are Illegal
If you choose to have a funeral in your home, you will likely have to explain a lot of things to hospitals, medical personnel and nurses because many of them think that home funerals are illegal. Thus, instead of just dealing with the service and your grief, you will have to deal with a lot of people just to hold the funeral in your home.

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