creating a memorial program

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Funeral Program

Creating a Funeral Program

A funeral program is an obituary program that contains the funeral order of service. It is a printed document in the form of a card or letter that is handed out to attending guests during the memorial or funeral service.

Because a lot of people would now choose to create the funeral program themselves, there are now lots of printable funeral brochures that you can find online. Funeral Pamphlets offers a pre-formatted funeral program template that you may use to create a printable funeral program card. Basically, these are pre-made funeral programs that you just need to edit and customize and then printed out on a card or a sheet of paper. Here’s what you should include on a funeral program.

Front Cover

The front cover of the program should be attractive. Remember that this is the part that the guests will first see so it should be attractively designed and should contain all the relevant information regarding the deceased.

creating a memorial program

Traditional Single Fold Funeral Program Template at

The printable funeral program templates that you will find online will require that you put the complete name of the deceased on the front cover, the date of birth and death, and underneath will be the details about the funeral service. This should include the name and address of the venue, date and time of the service, as well as who will be officiating.  It usually starts with, “In Loving Memory of”.

Order of Service

The next part is the order of service. This should not be hard if you make use of the printable funeral service templates since the template will provide the proper order for you. But usually, this is the listing of the service in order, such as the first music that will be sung and played, the readings in the Bible, as well as eulogies. On some funeral programs, the order of service will also include prayers and hymns that everyone is expected to sing during the memorial service.


Although not necessary, some funeral programs will include a written obituary. This is basically the biography of the deceased, from the time he was born until his death. On some of the printable funeral brochures, the obituary will also include information about the school where the deceased went to, his or her achievements and hobbies. It might also include messages from close family members and friends.

Additional Elements

If you still have enough room on the program, you can choose to add the deceased person’s favorite poem or the lyrics of his or her favorite song. You can also quote a scripture from the Bible or perhaps a message dedicated to the deceased. There are also some printable funeral program templates that will include a space for a collage photo of the deceased or an album along with close friends and family members.

You might think that creating the funeral program is a difficult task. But with the help of the printable funeral service program templates, everything will be a breeze. All you need is a computer and a printer and in less than an hour, you should be able to create the funeral programs dedicated specially for your dearly departed.

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How To: DIY Funeral Program Templates

Do it yourself funeral program templates help to make life a little bit easier by helping people to create a funeral program without a lot of stress. There are templates that come with a fee and they are the ones that have more elaborate designs and can be personalized according to your needs. It is a good idea to choose the template that matches well with the personality of the deceased. The program should serve as a commemorative piece to honor the deceased person so it is just right that we make it as great as possible.

We all know that death is something that we all have to deal with sooner or later. It is inevitable and is part of our existence in this world. Yet, when the time comes that our loved ones will have to say goodbye, dealing with the loss is not that easy. It is very depressing and involves a lot of emotions and difficulties. But we have to move on and the best thing that we can do is to prepare for a memorable memorial service for the deceased which is our way of showing our devotion and to honor the death of our loved one.

We should begin by preparing a funeral program. The process may not be that easy, but with the help of the templates, everything should be a breeze. Below are tips on how to come up with a great funeral program with the use of the DIY funeral program templates online.

Gather Design Ideas and Inspirations Online

Before you begin, it is best to search the Internet for inspiration on the design and theme of the funeral program. There are several different types of funeral programs that you can find these days. You can go for a simple rectangular or square shaped program or perhaps, a folded card design or the tri-fold card style.

Whatever design you want, always think about the things or the elements that you want to be included on the card. If you want to fill it with so much information, then you need to have a bigger size for the program. Decide on the dimensions according to the amount of information that you plan to include on the card. There are lots of resources online that you can use to gather design ideas and inspirations for the funeral program, so take advantage of these before you start creating and designing the funeral or memorial program.

Think of the Information to Include on the Program

As mentioned, the dimensions of the pamphlet or the booklet for the program will be based on the amount of information that you want to include. Some of the most important details that will have to be included on the program are the following:

  • Full name of the deceased including the maiden name.
  • Exact date of birth and death.
  • Place, time and date of the funeral service and the burial.
  • Complete names of the surviving family members.
  • Name of the pallbearers and officiating minister.
  • Name of those who are assigned to deliver a eulogy.
  • Name of the songs to be played during the service.
  • Bible verses and references.

Aside from the details above, other things that may be included on the program are:

  • Photos of the deceased on various stages of his or her life.
  • Short biography.
  • List of his or her favorite poems, movies, songs, etc.
  • Favorite anecdotes of the deceased.
  • Sentiments of gratitude coming from friends and family members.

Look for a Free Template for DIY Funeral Programs

Once you have already set an idea in mind on the design and the theme of the program, the next step is to look for do it yourself funeral program templates online. As mentioned above, there are lots of websites now that offer free templates which you can use in creating your funeral program. You can also make use of software and other word processing programs in creating a bi-fold or a tri-fold program.

If you feel that you need help in the designing aspect, download desktop publishing software such as the Adobe Illustrator or the Microsoft Publisher. But some of the DIY templates that you can find these days will no longer require you to design the program on your own for the templates already come with pre-made designs so take advantage of these templates. A lot of sites will charge you a certain fee in using the template, but there are also those that will offer DIY funeral program templates for free.

Put the Program Details and Information Altogether

The next step is to put together the details and information that you need to be included on the funeral program. Begin with the introduction and this should be placed right in front of the program. This should start with a dedication to the deceased person, or perhaps the person’s favorite poem or bible verse.

Including a short prose about the life of the person is also a good idea and if you choose to include a picture of the deceased, writing a short biography of the person underneath it is also recommended. After the introduction, it’s time to include the details stated above and other information that you want to include on the program.

As you are writing the details of the funeral program, make sure that you read it as well so to avoid any errors. If you are not sure about certain details or information, contact the officiating body so they can guide you through. Avoid putting too much information in just one page as it might look cluttered. Just like with everything, simpler is better.

Choose the Images and the Fonts

The next step is to look for images or photos that you want to be included on the funeral program, including the fonts. Make use of tasteful images of the deceased and the images should be cropped properly. Do not attempt to cut off anyone’s head or other parts of the body just so you can crop the deceased person’s photo. This should be the same with choosing the font to be used for the funeral program.

Try to stick with just one or two scripted fonts because any more than that will make the program to look cluttered and sloppy. Also, avoid putting a lot of colors on the program. Remember, this program is for a funeral and not for a wedding or birthday celebration. Try to stick with plain black, white or cream colored themes.

Decide on the Cover of your Funeral Program

The cover of the funeral program is what everyone will first see the moment you hand them out. This is also the part that they can remember the most and therefore, you should put more emphasis to it. There are do it yourself funeral program templates that also provide a template for the covers so look for these online. If you want to design the cover yourself, gather free images online, such as flowers, sunset, sunrise, rainbows, landscapes and other sceneries.

You may also include an image of the deceased on the front cover along with his or her full name as well as the date of birth and death. Another great idea for the cover is to include a collage of the deceased person’s images that were taken all throughout his or her life on earth.

Print Your Creation on a Special Paper

When you are done creating the funeral program, make sure to review everything that you have written and do the necessary revisions if needed. After that, it’s time to print the program on the special paper or the card stock. You can make use of your computer at home or bring it to companies that offer printing services. But if you are trying to save money, then you might as well just buy your own ink and use your printer at home.

Print your creation on the special paper that you have prepared but first, set up the printer to print just one pamphlet at first.  Then examine the paper and see if everything is perfect. If there are any errors, then make the necessary changes to the template before printing a large number of funeral programs.

So as you can see, creating the funeral programs is actually not that hard with the help of the DIY funeral program templates that you can download online. There are lots of them that you can find in the Internet and are a great help for those who do not have the means to spend for a good amount of money for a professionally made program. Remember that you will usually need a large number of program copies for the funeral especially if you are expecting several guests, relatives, family members and coworkers of the deceased to attend the funeral service. Using the template can certainly save you a lot of money and the earlier that you can create the program, the better it will turn out to be.

How to Make a Funeral Programme Using MS Word

Creating a funeral programme template is not easy not because it is complicated to do but because you are currently grieving while creating it. Thankfully, there are programs that will enable you to make a funeral leaflet easily. This will alleviate some of the burden that you are feeling, which will enable you to organize a funeral service that will truly show how much you appreciate the life of your deceased loved one.

Making a Funeral Program Card

MS Word or Microsoft Word is one of simplest word processors or editors that you can use to create funeral brochures. There are multiple templates readily available on MS Word that you can use as a guide in creating these brochures. This will enable you to save time and energy in making the brochures, which will enable you to have them printed and delivered to their respective recipients well before the scheduled funeral service.

  • Use a Template

The easiest way to create a funeral programme is by using a template. You can use the templates readily available on MS Word. You just have to open MS Word, click on ‘File’ then hit the ‘New’ option or icon. The icon looks like a blank sheet of paper with a slight fold on the upper right corner of the paper.

A pop-up window will appear. This contains the templates. You only have to choose one. You can choose from the different categories, which are listed at the left side of the pop-up window. You can either choose ‘Brochures’, ‘Flyers’ or ‘Cards’. Then, choose the kind of template that you like.

Input the needed details and photo by clicking on the form or space provided for the content and adjust the content according to your liking. Save the files and print them on your own printer or have it printed on a nearby printing shop.

  • Download Templates
memorial card templates for microsoft word

If you want something specific, you can also choose downloadable funeral program templates online at websites such as You just need to make sure that the files that you will download are compatible with MS Word. This will enable you to edit these printable templates without any problems.

Although there are editable funeral programme templates online that are also compatible with other editors, it would be best to choose downloadable funeral program templates that are compatible with MS Word. Because this is one of the easiest programs to use, this is the most preferred one. you will have minimal or no problems when you use this program as this is very easy to use and printing the templates will never be a problem since it is quite compatible with any kind of printer used in homes and offices.

When looking for printable funeral program templates, make sure that you check out the free ones. This will save you more money. But if you want to have more choices, feel free to check out the premium ones. This will enable you to choose the one that you think best fits your deceased loved one’s personality.

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Advantages of Editing Your Own Funeral Program Cards

When a loved one passes on, you may feel compelled to just sit in a corner or be alone in your bed rather than prepare for the funeral or memorial arrangements. This is normal and understandable but you should fight the urge to not do anything and instead do everything you can so that you can provide a nice funeral or memorial service for your departed loved one. Though you might not appreciate it at the current moment, you will thank yourself that you did everything to be able to arrange for a nice funeral or memorial service.

One of the first things that you need to prepare, aside from choosing the funeral home and arranging for the coffin and other things that will be needed for the funeral or memorial service, you will also need to create funeral program cards that you will send to your relatives and friends to let them know about the passing of your loved one.

Editing Funeral Cards

Even though you may not feel like it, it would be ideal to create or edit the death memorial cards yourself. This will provide you with some advantages that you may not be aware of due to the sheer grief that you are currently feeling at the moment.

So, listed below are some of the advantages that you will gain when you are the one who creates or edits the printable funeral program cards for your loved one’s funeral service:

  • The Cards will be More Personalized

Even though online shops that offer creation and printing of funeral cards are very good in making personalized funeral pamphlets, the cards that you are going to make yourself will still be more personal. Because you truly know the person who has passed on, you will be able to create a design that will best fit the deceased person’s personality.

  • The Cost will be Lower

Printing the death memorial cards on your own will make the expenses a little less heavy since you don’t have to pay professional fee for the cards. Even though you don’t want to think about it at the current moment, you will still have to manage your finances and that includes trying to save on anything that you need to purchase or rent for the funerals.

It would be good to get downloadable funeral programme card templates online so that you can save on the card templates. This will also make your task easier, which will give you more time to edit, print and send out the cards in time.

If you want to create or edit the funeral program cards yourself, you may want to visit websites that offer free and paid templates. This will provide you with more choices on the kinds and themes of templates that you will use to create the funeral cards. It will also give you inspiration so that you will know the design that you are going to make for your loved one so that the theme of the cards will match the personality of the departed.

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A Complete Guide to a Christian Funeral Service

Anyone who has tried preparing for a funeral service, whether it is a religious or non-religious one, can attest that the task is definitely not that easy. It can be a bit overwhelming especially if the death is a result of a tragic accident. You just won’t know where to begin and what needs to be one.

Also, planning for a funeral for someone you dearly love is a painful process. There will be lots of emotions involved along the way and a lot of decisions have to be made.

Just like with any kind of funeral service, planning for a Christian funeral service for your dearly departed is never an easy thing to do. Saying goodbye to someone who means a lot to you is a painful process.

People mourn in various ways. Sometimes, family tension and conflicts would arise which just add up to the stress to an already emotionally troublesome moment. Hopefully, this guide can help to lessen the stress and the burden involved in planning a funeral service your dear departed.

But first, before you make any plans, ask any of your family members if the deceased has provided them with specific directions on how their funeral service will be like. This can certainly help to ease the load of planning for the funeral service. Also, find out if the person has obtained any funeral or burial insurance.

Prepare Yourself

Perhaps, it is the funeral of your husband, mom, dad, daughter, son, or anyone you love that you are preparing for. It is definitely not going to be easy so you have to be prepared by having the right attitude.

Making plans for the funeral service of your dearly departed would be much easier if you take away all the emotions that come with grieving for the loss of a loved one. You just have to live with the fact that all things will come to an end and that includes the life of someone you love. Once you accepted this fact, everything will be easier for you to deal with and preparing for the funeral mass program will be much easier for you.

Start by thinking that this service that you are preparing for is your way of celebrating your loved one’s journey to an eternal life. Therefore, it should be respectful and highly dignified and not something depressing. While it is normal to grieve at this moment of time, there should also be room for a joyful celebration.

Choose a Funeral Home

The first step when planning a Christian funeral service is to look for a funeral home. This actually applies to other types of funeral services as well, whether it is a religious or non-religious one. If you do not know of any funeral home near you, then ask some of your church members for a recommendation. Sometimes, the minister or your pastor will know of any funeral home that he can recommend to you so you should call if you cannot decide on this matter.

Make sure to choose a highly reputable funeral home for the funeral service of your loved one. They should have a staff that will professionally guide you through the entire process of planning and preparing and this also includes preparing legal documents and other paperwork.

They should also help you with the obituary as well as on choosing a casket for the burial and everything that is involved in the memorial service. A good funeral home should also provide the memorial service invitation cards as part of the package.

Schedule with a Minister

Church ministers are often busy. Thus, for those planning a religious service, whether it is Christian or otherwise, booking the minister should be one of the first things to do. If you are a member of a church, your pastor will most likely volunteer to lead the funeral service. But for bigger churches, the pastor might not be available on the day of the funeral service. Therefore, you should be able to come up with a burial date as early as possible so the minister or the pastor can check their schedule if they will be available on that day.

If in the event that the deceased person has no contact with any local church, the best thing to do is to rely on the funeral home’s recommendation. You can also ask your neighbors or some of your family members in looking for a minister that will lead the funeral service. After you booked a minister, ask for a copy of the funeral order of service layout from the church so you will have an idea on how the program will be like.

Offer Hope

As Christians, keep in mind that offering hope to the grieving parties is important. Again, planning a funeral for a loved one is never going to be easy. But just think of this as your loved one’s journey to an eternal life. This moment is the perfect opportunity to give hope to each other and share the faith and the hope for eternity even with non Christian friends and family.

If you are not that close to the deceased, yet you want to offer comfort to the grieving family, send over some in memoriam cards, which contain a message of hope for the family member, along with some verses in the bible that can somehow provide comfort to the grieving family. The card is also the best avenue to share the gospel and offer hope of salvation.

Planning the Funeral Service

Now you are on to the important part of funeral planning and that is to plan the funeral service. The best way to do this is to sit down with your church minister and go over some of the details of the funeral mass program, including the following:

  • Find out what religious songs or music need to be played during the program.
  • Ask if it is possible to have some poem or story reading as a way to honor the deceased.
  • Look for some special speakers who will offer a eulogy.
  • Inquire if it is possible to display specific photos of the deceased as well as photos of friends and family members.
  • Find out if there are any charities that the deceased was supporting and see if the mourners can send over donations for such charity instead of the usual flowers and guests.
  • Ask if guests would be invited to the burial. If so, then send them memorial service invitations.

Working with a Funeral Director

A lot of funeral homes and some churches have funeral directors or coordinators. These people are in charge with the overall planning and preparation of the funeral. They will work closely with the family members in order to organize the Christian funeral service successfully.

If the service will be done in a church, then see the person responsible for coordinating funeral services and go over the details involved.  Things like flower arrangements, reception presentations, as well as audio and visual needs might have to be discussed during your meeting.

Preparing the Eulogy

Look for a member in your family who can deliver a eulogy during the funeral service. The eulogy needs not be that long. It should only be about five minutes long. It is also recommended to have the emotional elements to be placed right at the end of the eulogy. If there are any additional tributes that need to be given by some friends, colleagues and relatives, it should only be limited in length so as to keep the service from going too long that could disrupt the church schedule.

Younger family members may want to write down messages to in memoriam cards as a tribute to the deceased. They can also read these messages aloud during the funeral.

Special Remembrances

A table or a wall in the funeral venue is sometimes provided for the family to display some of their special remembrances with the deceased. It will feature photographs and other memorabilia. Sometimes, memoriam cards are also displayed which later on will be given to visiting guests as their remembrance of the person. The card will sometimes feature a photo of the deceased with a short description about the person as well as the date of the funeral. Make sure to take some time on what you want to display and gather these items and then make arrangements with the funeral director to display them.

Funeral Service Handouts

Since most of the memorial services are being planned in a short time period, the service handouts are often overlooked. If you want the guests to have a memory of the event, then print some special handouts to be given to them. These are pretty much the same with in memoriam cards and you can download templates at The handouts can be in a form of a card that has a simple picture of your dearly departed with his birth date and date of demise. It can also include a verse from the bible or perhaps a quotation that has a significant meaning to the life of the deceased.


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Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold Remembrance Program Cards

There are different types of remembrance program cards. Depending on the things that you will put on the cards, you will have to choose a specific kind so that all the contents of the leaflet will be accommodated.

There are often two kinds of remembrance cards that people use: the bi-fold and the tri-fold cards. These types of cards offer different advantages. Thus, it would be ideal to know which one offers the benefits that you need so that you can choose which one would be the best type to use for the memorial card that you are making.

trifold funeral remembrance cards

Advantages of Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold Remembrance Brochures

Here are the two types of remembrance program templates and their advantages.

  • Bi-Fold Memorial Pamphlets

Bi-fold remembrance brochures are folded in two, hence the name. These are often the size of a greeting card. But, the size may be adjusted to fit the preference and the needs of the one creating the cards.

remembrance card template

Listed below are some of the advantages that you will receive by using this kind of funeral leaflet.

  • Larger Font

If you are using a bi-fold brochure, you can adjust the font to make them larger. Because the width of the brochure will likely be wider, you will be able to put larger fonts without cutting off the words in two. This is good especially of you have a lot of elderly people attending the memorial or funeral services.

  • Larger Image

Another advantage of using bi-fold printable remembrance program cards is that you can use larger images. Because the images will be accommodated by the size of the card, you do not have to shrink the images just to make them fit into the cards.

  • Tri-Fold Memorial Pamphlets

Another popular kind of remembrance program templates that are downloaded from online shops and funeral sites are tri-fold templates. Depending on the size of the tri-fold card, you will be able to get additional benefits from it.

  • More Content

When you use a tri-fold template, you will be able to put more content on the cards. There will be more space for the prayers, quotes, message, information about the deceased and his or her family and the photos of the deceased.

  • More Panels

Using a tri-fold template will enable you to arrange the contents of the remembrance program card that you are creating. Because there will be space for each kind of content that you will be putting on the cards, such as the information of the deceased and his or her family, prayers and quotes, the contents will be more organized and easier to read.

The only disadvantage that you will likely encounter with this kind of brochure is that the space for the images may be smaller compared to bi-fold brochures. Nonetheless, you can rid of this issue if you use a bigger paper.

When editing remembrance program templates, remember to consider the content that you are putting on the leaflets. This will enable you to choose the right type of card that can accommodate all the content that you would want to put into the brochures.

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What to Write on Funeral Program Cards

When a loved one passes away, you would have to make arrangements for a lot of things, and that includes a remembrance card. It can be used as a funeral program announcement card or a remembrance brochure that family and friends can use to remember the departed. Thus, you have to think of proper things to include on funeral program cards. Putting content on a funeral card may sound easy at first but when the time comes that you are in grief due to the passing of your loved one, you will find that it will be hard to think about these things.

But knowing what to write or include on funeral program leaflets beforehand will enable you to know which ones you should include on these kinds of cards.

Things to Include on Funeral Cards

Here are some of the things that are often included in these kinds of cards:

  • Prayers

Prayers are often included in funeral cards. It is up to you whether you will put your own prayer or you will copy prayers that you can find online or on books. There are prayers on websites that sell downloadable and editable funeral program cards. These copies of prayers are often for free so you do not have to worry about purchasing them.

  • Poems

Just like prayers, you can find remembrance poems on websites that offer printable remembrance cards. Look for poems that match the personality of your departed loved one to make the cards more personal.

You may want to read a lot of poems before you decide which one to include so that you will find the one that suits your loved one’s personality best.

  • Personal Messages

You can also include personal messages on funeral program cards if you like. These messages may not be too personal but they can be dedications and a word of thanks to the person that has passed away. Putting these kinds of things will alleviate some of the pain that you and your family and friends are feeling since you are able to express your love and appreciation to the departed.

  • Memories

Aside from prayers and poems, you can also include some of the happiest memories that the people close to the departed have shared. Vacations or parties can be included. Photos of those events can be put along with the details to make it easier for the surviving loved ones to remember how wonderful the departed’s life was.

Creating funeral program cards need not be sorrowful. Funerals and memorials are made to celebrate the life of the departed. So, the cards dedicated for this event should be full of the happy memories of the person you are celebrating for. Your departed loved one will be happier knowing that you are celebrating his or her life instead of being buried in grief and sadness that will make you all sorrowful.

Make sure to include happy details without being inappropriate so that you can pay respects and appreciation to your loved one.

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