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Funeral Remembrance Cards for your Grandmother

Printable remembrance cards for funerals are created for the purpose of paying special tribute to Grandma. These printable cards are enclosed with an envelope to be given away to all the guests at the funeral service. This is a way of honoring a dearly departed. It is also a great way of saving money on funeral services.

If you are thinking of creating the remembrance cards for your grandmother’s funeral, the best option is to go online and look for a remembrance card template. This template will tell you exactly what should be written on the cards so all you basically need to do is to edit the wordings and add other messages and perhaps a photo of your grandmother.

funeral card for grandmother

Remembrance Card for Grandma

Printable Remembrance Cards

The printable remembrance cards for funerals are usually half the size of a traditional funeral program which usually comes in a letter size format. The cards are available in a one page layout and can also be used as a mini funeral program. You may choose between bifold and trifold cards.

More and more people are finding the importance of remembrance cards as a way to honor their deceased loved ones. Because of this, you will now find so many funeral memorial templates online that can help you in creating the remembrance card for your grandmother’s funeral.

Using the Template

The remembrance card template is easy to use, thus, you will be able to save enough time and money. This is really important especially since the funeral itself already costs a lot of money. In order to somehow lessen the financial burden, you better make use of the free funeral program template online. What’s even great about using the template is that they are easily accessible anywhere and can be used regardless of where the funeral is held all over the world. These funeral memorial templates come predesigned and so all you need to do is to enter the details of the funeral, attach some photos and then print them out.

As for the envelopes, you can obtain them from any supplies store near you. Place each of the funeral remembrance cards inside the envelope and then write down the name of the guest to whom the card is to be given to. You can also choose to mail the cards to relatives and friends in London or Toronto and to anyone who cannot attend the funeral service. These cards will serve as their remembrance of your dearly departed grandmother.

Attaching Photos

Some of the memorial pamphlet templates will require you to attach a photo of your grandmother. But if you do not want to place a photo there, you can leave it blank and instead, replace it with a poem or a bible verse that is dedicated to your grandmother. You can also choose to place a separate photo of your grandmother inside the envelope before giving out the funeral remembrance cards at the funeral service or before sending the cards to your friends and relatives all over the world. If you want the envelopes to have a design, then look for those funeral memorial templates that include a predesigned envelope.

What to Write

Choosing what to write in a remembrance card can be strenuous. There are several options for choosing what content to insert. You can insert a collage of photos, prayers, poems, or memories of the loved one. The choice is ultimately up to you and/or the family of the loved one.